Almost home…

Being 6-3 on the trip is nice for the Reds but going home 7-3 would be even better for their morale I’d gather. The Reds haven’t won three consecutive road series since August, 2007 (over two trips) and haven’t won three series on the same road trip since Sept. 21-30, 2004.

Reds lineup:

Taveras, cf
Dickerson, lf
Votto, 1b
Encarnacion, 3b
Bruce, rf
Phillips, 2b
Hernandez, c
Gonzalez, ss
Harang, rhp

I talked to Walt Jocketty during batting practice about the Reds winning without any real hitting lately. At the moment, he’s not looking to make any changes. He’s not overly concerned.

“No because I know we’re going to hit. Guys like Brandon and Edwin and Gonzalez are not going to hit under .200. I think when the weather gets a little better, traditionally you see the bats get a little better. We just have to continue to pitch well, because that will be our formula – pitch well and play good defense. The bats will come. I’m not that worried about it.”

“We just have to stay with what we’ve got right now and see what happens. I’m not sure who is really out there.”

Adam Rosales had four more hits for Triple-A Louisville and raised his average to .409 in 12 games.

“You can’t ignore what he’s doing down there,” Jocketty said. “He’s doing everything we’ve asked him to do. At some point, we’ll have to acknowledge that. Right now as long as we’re winning, we’ll stay with what we’ve got.”


go reds!

Good luck today!


You are right about the road trip being successful, but the Reds need to not be satisfied with 6-4. A win today should be the only thing on their mind, and I believe it is.Russ

Hey, Mark, I’d like to suggest a topic for you to comment on. I couldn’t watch the game today (no FSN or WGN feed), but I listened to the game on the radio. Marty and Jeff were pretty critical of Dickerson’s defense in left field. Apparently, he missed another catch up against the foul wall. Again, I couldn’t see the play, but that would make 3 instances of Dickerson dropping the ball against the wall: He dropped Bill Hall’s double last Wednesday, Derrek Lee’s fly ball on Tuesday, and then the foul ball by Zambrano in the 3rd inning today. He also made a fielding error. I understand his explanation that there is no way to simulate Wrigley’s basket or the wind, but I would be interested to hear comments from Billy Hatcher or any Reds outfield instructor about how they can work with Dickerson on catching the ball up against the wall. We’ve been learning that speed isn’t all it takes to be a good defensive outfielder. We expected a big defensive upgrade this year with Dunn’s departure in left. Since Dickerson is so new to the Majors, I’m interested to know his history. Did he have a good defensive reputation in the minor leagues? Still, despite the defensive miscues, I’m very excited about the win today. 7-3 is the best road trip I’ve witnessed in a very long while.

I only got one replay of the Dickerson play and it looked pretty tough at first glance. The error though was clearly fumbled by him as he fielded the ball.

Dickerson’s reputation on defense was fine before. I had never heard anything negative as he came ip. However, he was mostly a centerfielder in the minors. I think he will be fine in LF in the long run.

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