7-3 trip, Will you show up @ GABP?

This will have to be a short postgame post. I’m currently in a cab with John Fay trying to get to O’Hare for a flight that leaves in about 70 minutes. If traffic stinks, we could be hosed.

The 7-1 win over the Cubs meant a lot to the Reds. It gave them two of three in this series and was the right exclamation point for a 7-3 road trip.

Joey Votto was 4-for-5 with two doubles, a home run and two RBIs. Votto is hitting .373 with three homers and 15 RBIs for the season.

Aaron Harang had a nice seven-plus innings with one unearned run allowed. He’s 2-2 with a 2.00 ERA.

“I think it was more of a message to ourselves,” Votto said. “As long as the road trip was, to be able to finish it off on such a good note and being able to go home with a winning record, and especially beating the Cubs, was big for us as a whole.”

Besides sending the message within, did this win send a message to the NL Central? The Reds are 9-6 now. And — did it send a message to you? Are you more likely to show up at Great American Ball Park this weekend or next week because of this trip?

Discuss. I’m off for a couple of days and will be back on Monday.


I will be heading out at 7am to drive to Cincy on Saturday to watch the reds on Saturday at GABP! I’m catching the Sunday game too GO REDS!!! I live in Cubs country so that series was sweet!

I’ll be coming up with friends and family on both Friday and Saturday from Lexington. I’m so excited about the Reds hot start. I hope people come out to watch a Reds team that’s playing some good baseball. The Braves haven’t looked very good recently and Chipper and McCann are banged up, so this is a winable series for us.

Oh, and the weather forecast has a high of about 86 degrees all weekend, so it should be beautiful weather for baseball–very different from the last homestand.

the road trip doesnt mean anything if they come home and lay an egg…this is an important home stand to keep the momentum building…do that and ill truly be impressed.

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