Phillips not cleaning up

The 0-for-21 skid of Brandon Phillips was too glaring not to notice and Dusty Baker made a lineup change for Wednesday. Phillips went from fourth to sixth in the order and switched places with Edwin Encarnacion.

Here is the full Reds lineup:

Taveras, cf
Hairston, lf
Votto, 1b
Encarnacion, 3b
Bruce, rf
Phillips, 2b
Hernandez, c
Gonzalez, ss
Cueto, rhp

“I just want to take a little pressure off of Brandon. We’ve all been there,” Baker said.

On top of that, Phillips came in 1-for-19 lifetime vs. Cubs starter Ted Lilly. Encarnacion is 5-for-18.

“I told him ‘hey, man you start banging again, we’ll move you back up,'” Baker said. “For a couple of days at least here, we’ll go with this.”

Phillips is batting .143 overall while Encarnacion isn’t faring much better, coming in batting .175. But something had to be done to try and mix things up.

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