Outcome not cat's meow

The Reds didn’t look to good in Tuesday’s 7-2 loss to the Cubs. They’re 5-3 on the road trip with two left to play here.

  • Just five hits for the lineup.
  • Seven walks for the pitching staff.

Micah Owings was charged with five runs, two earned, on five hits with four walks and three strikeouts. He couldn’t escape a three-run fifth, which was doomed by back-to-back one-out walks followed by Chris Dickerson’s error on  Derrek Lee’s drive to the left field warning track.

“Anything else without the wind, that ball is long gone,” Dickerson said. “I tried to do what we’re taught. Get back to the wall and adjust from there. The ball kept dying, dying and dying. When you look up and run into the basket with the wind, it goes with the elements that make Wrigley Field so difficult on days like that. … Nothing can really prepare you for that. There is no Wrigley Field basket at Spring Training where we can practice or wind simulation.”

Two quirky moments came in the fourth.

With Joey Votto batting, a calico cat wandered on to the field and caused a delay in the game. The cat meandered around before a security guard grappled with the cagey feline.

Two batters later as Jay Bruce batted, a foul to left field wasn’t caught by Alfonso Soriano but instead by an eager fan who happened to be sitting in the infamous area Steve Bartman once sat during the 2003 playoffs. Cubs fans’ booing intensified when Bruce used the break to notch an RBI single.

One nice highlight was Bruce’s return from the sore hand. He was 2-for-4 with two RBIs and hit a solo homer to right field in the top of the second.

At this point, what would you consider a positive road trip — 5-5, 6-4 or 7-3? Most teams would accept the 5-5 almost any time but it would be tough to go home that way after the start of this trip. It’d also be a disappointing to not pass an early season test vs. the division favorite Cubs.

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Another cat on the field! The Mets had one during the opening game at Citi Field.


I’d be happy with 6-4. Before the trip started I’d have said 5-5, but now 5-5 means getting swept by the Cubs and I can’t be happy with that. I think they can take one of the next two and get out with a 6-4 road trip and maintain the winning record coming home.

Chris Dickerson’s error on Derrek Lee’s drive to the left field warning track was a shame. But worst is that Reds had to play on that field and on those conditions.
Cubs were lucky. They played in another field and on different conditions. That is why they won.
Maybe when our players stops giving dumb excuses to poor playing and accepting their faults, then and mayby only then the Reds can improve.

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