Confident Redlegs, 5-2 on road trip

There has been a lot of rightful concern about the Reds hitting but no one can complain about the final outcome. Monday’s 4-3 win gave the Reds three of four in the Astros series. Cincinnati, which came in batting a MLB-low .210 cranked out 10 hits during the win.

This was a huge win for April. It means a 5-2 road trip as the Reds head to Chicago for three more games vs. the Cubs. Believe it or not, first place will up for grabs.

“I know it’s early but they all count,” manager Dusty Baker said.

Joey Votto continues to be a clutch hitter, and the lone regular that hasn’t struggled at all. Votto has hit safely in 10 of 12 games and his two-run double to left field that won it just missed being a homer.

“Hopefully, it’s going to be a lot of fun when everybody gets going,” Votto said. “I’m looking forward to it. Until then, we’ll do our best to win these tight games and just hopefully keep beating these teams in the division.”

Bronson Arroyo is the first Reds starter off to a 3-0 start since Mike Remlinger in 1997. Arroyo threw 81 pitches over seven innings and allowed three earned runs on nine hits with no walks and six Ks. He induced 10 groundball outs and two double plays.

“I can not complain, man,” Arroyo said. “I haven’t even felt lights-out but I’ve been getting enough outs, a lot of double play balls and getting runners on a lot and just squeezing out of innings. Fortunate enough, everything has fallen into place for us.”

Arthur Rhodes worked into and out of a tense eighth inning with the bases loaded. Using nine fastballs, including three two-strike fouls, Rhodes got Hunter Pence looking at strike three to end the threat. David Weathers, Mike Lincoln and Jared Burton (all right-handers) stayed in the bullpen while the lefty Rhodes faced the right-handed core of Houston’s lineup.

“We tried to stay away from him because he had a 28-pitch inning last night,” Baker said of Weathers. “Plus, Tejada didn’t hit him very well. Lee is always dangerous but didn’t have many at-bats against him and Pence is usually better against right-handers than left-handers. It was like ‘hey, c’mon Arthur.'”

Let’s be real — you didn’t think the Reds would be 7-5 overall and a half-game out of first place did you?

“We’ll just keep riding the wave. I’ll take it.”

Arroyo will take it, how about you?


Glad to see Arroyo doing so well.


ill take it, especially with how anemic our offense has been.

We’lll take it, of course, and I’m a tad embarrassed by my negative attitude. Of course, hitters like Brandon will hit. And the only complaint about Willy is his mysterious failure to get a jump on his 100-steal season (what’s he on pace for, 39?). But, Marcus, please comment on this point – how many LH starts did we get last year (I’m thiking one or none)? And can we really dream of contending without a LH starter this year?

Why does the presence of a LH starter determine how good the team can do? It doesn’t matter what hand you throw with, only that you get outs and don’t get shelled in the process. Eric Milton showed that pretty effectively while he was in Cincy. His being left handed didn’t make us into a better contender. Quite the opposite really.

I gotta say, I expected us to be 12-0 by now, but I guess I’ll take 7-5. Kidding, of course, but I had/have that famous “cautious optimism” for the season.

Having a lefty starter to mix it up wouldn’t be a bad thing but it’s not a paramount concern for contending. There is no one out there available or in house at the moment that would be a difference maker. I will take five strong right-handers over four righties and a mediocre lefty.

Paul Wilson started 7-0 for the Reds in 04, so wouldn’t he be the last red pitcher to start 3-0? or were you referring to the fact that it only took Arroyo 3 games to do it, while it took Wilson 4. just curious.

paulstimer — I made a mistake. I should have written Arroyo was first to be 3-0 after his FIRST THREE STARTS since ’97. Wilson was 7-0, but he had no-decisions mixed in.

My apologies and my fault for not reading the note properly.

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