Brrrrrr……(and Bruce is back)

Oh my — what a difference 35 degrees makes. One day after low 70s temperatures and sunny skies in Houston, it’s wet and blustery in Chicago and it’s in the high 30s-low 40s with a sharp breeze. Showers have alternated from drizzle to a hard rain all day and of course the tarp is on the field. Snow is also a possibility in the forecast.

Not exactly baseball weather and I have no idea if this will clear in time to have a game at 8:05 pm ET. I believe the Cubs, who were rained out Sunday and off Monday, wouldn’t want a three-day break.

And I know I don’t want a day-night doubleheader in the future. My prediction is they play, no matter how late they have to start.

Reds lineup:

Taveras, cf
Dickerson, lf
Votto, 1b
Phillips, 2b
Bruce, rf
Encarnacion, 3b
Hernandez, c
Gonzalez, ss
Owings, rhp

Jay Bruce is starting after three days out of the lineup. If he’s on, Cubs starter Rich Harden won’t be much fun to reckon with. Harden has 18 Ks over just nine innings in his two starts.

Brandon Phillips came into tonight on a 0-for-17 skid and 1-for-24. He hit one ball out of the infield in the four-game Houston series. But Phillips refused to call it a slump.

“I’m not having a slump because I’m putting the ball in play,” Phillips said. “I’m not striking out. If I was striking out, then I’d be having a problem. But I’m not. I’m hitting the ball hard and not getting any hits. The way I look at it is as long as we’re winning, I don’t care.”

I’ve noticed concern about the lack of steals the Reds have. They made seven attempts with five steals in 12 games. After some running the first week and a half, there was hardly any in Houston. Why?

“They were really slide-stepping a lot, everybody,” manager Dusty Baker said. “Their [Astros pitchers] times [to home plate] were 1.1 to 1.2 [seconds]. It’s hard to run on, even when you want to run. And then when guys are that quick to the plate and you have Pudge Rodriguez back there that can throw you out, it’s double jeopardy.”

As of 7:20pm ET, the tarp was still on the field. Everyone took BP indoors but played catch outside.

New update: Game is scheduled to start at 8:15 p.m ET 


Stay warm & dry!


Is it bad that your second best hitter is batting ninth? There are just a lot of guys in that lineup that need to get their bats going tonight.

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