Everyday is like Sunday

Or in this case, it really is Sunday.

After last night’s two-hit effort and some real struggles of late, I was a little surprised at how similar this lineup is compared to Saturday’s. Only Dickerson is different.

Reds lineup:

Taveras, cf
Dickerson, lf
Votto, 1b
Phillips, 2b
Encarnacion, 3b
Nix, rf
Hernandez, c
Gonzalez, ss
Volquez, rhp
Jay Bruce’s (bruised right hand) was doing OK this morning. His handshake was pretty firm so he wasn’t favoring it. But he won’t hit today — just running and throwing. He was available to pinch-run and play defense.

“It’s so much better than it was,” Bruce said. “It didn’t even bother me until the check swing and that was two days ago. When I went for the X-rays and the other stuff yesterday, it was so hard for me to believe it could have been broken. I had played without pain and that one check swing made me feel it.”

Dusty Baker was asked about the hitting woes of his team. The Reds came into today batting .208 as a club. Six players (Phillips, Encarnacion, Hernandez, Gonzalez, Bruce and Hairston) were hitting .200 or under.

“It just means the odds of them hitting increase,” Baker said. “It’s like when a bad hitter is hitting good, his odds increase not to hit. Guys will be around where they usually are, sooner or later.

“The fact that we’re 5-5 without hitting yet, gives me more hope and confidence.”

Adam Rosales, who hit his fourth homer on Saturday, and is batting .387 isn’t an imminent call-up it appears. Baker was asked if Rosales’ hot hitting could spark some more offense.

“It depends if he’s playing but where’s he going to play?” Baker said. “Plus, he’s down there not only to hit but to improve his game. Hitting is only part of the game. There are so many phases of this game, if you’re going to be a major league ballplayer, that you have to try to improve. We just look at hitting sometimes. There’s a lot more to this game to play winning baseball than just hitting. Hitting is the part you notice the most.

“He’s doing what we think is best for him, being down there and playing every day. He will be here eventually. I told him that when he went down there.”



Really surprised to not see Janish and/or Hanigan in there.Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

Great win today, but all of this come from behind stuff is stressing me out!
-Dave in Indy

Wow, shaking Bruce’s hand to evaluate the status of his injury! Mark, you’re becoming quite the investigative reporter. I notice that you’re always including info from FSN interviews or something said on the radio, or pretty much anything you hear. You’re quite a sleuth! I think you may have a career in espionage. Now I imagine you hanging out in the lobby of the team hotel, wearing a fake mustache and asking the room service guys if they have any inside information on any of the players. Keep up the good work, buddy!

prdriz – ‘I notice that you’re always including info from FSN interviews or something said on the radio, or pretty much anything you hear.’

what are you talking about? That’s a big load of bunk.

Sorry, I wasn’t being trying to be critical. I enjoy your work. I read every article. I’m eager to pick up any Reds info I can. Even if I watch the game on TV, I always tune in for the 2nd inning interviews with the beat writers. I’ve occassionally heard some gossip during these interviews or some info during a TV broadcast that I’ll find in your piece the next day. I made the assumption (apparently incorrect) that you occassionally listen to the radio broadcast and use comments/insight from the conversations. A more likely explanation is that you guys are all at the same press conferences and listen to the same conversations from players, which results in your work just looking similar. Plus, I think you spend a lot of time with the other beat writers and, I don’t know for a fact, but you guys might share some tid-bits with each other every now and then. I’m not a baseball writer, so I sincerely apologize if you felt I was challenging your journalistic code of ethics. I just wanted to compliment you on your approach to the Bruce hand story and say that I enjoy all the minor items of gossip that you include in your articles and blog posts. No hard feelings, I hope.

pdriz — thanks for your note. Appreciated.

You are correct in that all of the media are often in the same room at the same time getting the same quotes, especially with the manager postgame. The beat writers get time together with Dusty Baker before the game and that’s why you might see similar themes or topics in our stories. But we all do work independently and you’ll often see different non-game stories from us.

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