'I'm not perfect but parts of me are incredible.'

I actually saw that phrase on a bumper sticker on the back of a car in downtown Milwaukee today and I was driving to Miller Park. I’ve never quoted a bumper sticker before and I might never again, but thought it was pretty fitting, and timely, to have seen that today.

Karma bit me a little last night like a character on TV’s “My Name is Earl.”

In the second inning while on radio with Marty Brennaman, I brought up FS Ohio inadvertently switching off Monday’s game in the ninth inning and made some good natured jokes. Then it happened to WLW and Marty and Jeff Brantley went off the air at  around the same time as FS Ohio did on Monday — the bottom of the ninth inning. Oops.

I had my own self-created mess last night, too. I usually file my first version of a game story in the eighth inning — just a few paragraphs to get something up quick upon the last out. When I emailed it in last night, the Reds were up 3-1 and Francisco Cordero was warming in the bullpen.I wrote that Cordero pitched the ninth and earned his third save. 

By the time the game ended, the Reds won 6-1 and Mike Lincoln finished since it wasn’t a save situation. Unfortunately, the incorrect information was still posted and I caught some heat in the story’s comments section. The story was only up for probably an hour but you noticed and let me have it.

To make matters worse in the final version, I wrote that Bronson Arroyo pitched on Wednesday rather than Tuesday. That’s totally on me. Please realize the mistakes aren’t intended under the heat of deadline and I apologize.

Let’s move on…

Reds lineup:

Taveras, cf
Dickerson, lf
Votto, 1b
Phillips, 2b
Bruce, rf
Encarnacion, 3b
Hernandez, c
Gonzalez, ss
Owings, rhp

Brewers lineup:

Weeks, 2b
Hart, rf
Braun, lf
Fielder, 1b
Hardy, ss
Cameron, cf
Hall, 3b
Kendall, c
Looper, rhp


Mistakes happen! People have SO got to chill! Thanks for keeping us updated!


It’s all good, Mark. I enjoy your reporting and am glad you’re there covering my team. Believe me, I’m glad that I don’t have an audience to comment on my daily performance at work… Now that would be entertaining.

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