Fox Sports Ohio apology

Just got an email with a statement of apology from Fox Sports Ohio. Sometime around 11:30 pm ET last night, the game abruptly switched to the start of “The Best Damn Sports Show.” By the time the glitch was fixed and coverage returned, the Reds-Brewers game was over and FS Ohio was in its post-game show. 

It doesn’t give you last night’s ninth inning back but here is the statement in full:

“FOX Sports Ohio would like to sincerely apologize to the viewers, as well as to the Reds, for the technical mishap that resulted in our transmission being interrupted just prior to the end of the last night’s game.  The network experienced a very unfortunate switching error, which occurred at our transmission center in New York.

FOX Sports Ohio produces as many as 145 Reds games each season, and we take great pride in the production quality and expertise that we bring to each telecast, which makes this situation very disappointing. 

We will review the telecast circumstances to minimize the possibility of a reoccurrence.”


Kind of like last year during the ALCS – TBS, instead of showing the first inning, showed a sitcom.


At least that’s something. Do me a favor and e-mail them back and tell them, “Just Don’t Do It Again!”

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