3-3 record.

The Reds scored seven runs on just three hits and had six hits overall for a 7-6 win over the Brewers.

The highlights:

  • Edwin Encarnacion sucked all the noise out Miller Park with a big grand slam in the six-run Reds’ third inning after Milwaukee had taken a 5-1 lead after two innings.

“It hit the perfect spot on my bat. I knew right away the ball was gone,” Encarnacion said.

  • All of the Reds third-inning runs came after having two outs and nobody on.
  • As mentioned in the earlier post, Jay Bruce has grappled lately with his timing. Bruce hit a high fastball for a solo homer in the second inning.

“I found something I was doing last year that I’m doing a little different this year,” Bruce said. “I think I have to get back to my game, myself. Doing what I was doing really helps. It had to do with timing. It wasn’t necessarily gone but not as consistent as I wanted it to be.”

  • The bullpen came up solid again. In the seventh, Arthur Rhodes gave up back-to-back one-out singles but escaped with a double play. David Weathers gave up a two-out triple and two walks to load the bases but also kept the Brewers down.
  • The Reds have won three of their last four to climb back to a 3-3 record. It was a good win to get on the first day of an 11-day, 10-game marathon road trip.
  • It overshadowed another shaky outing by Edinson Volquez, who threw 99 pitches over five innings and gave up six runs, seven hits and four walks with four strikeouts. Volquez has a 9.64 ERA and 13 hits allowed through 9 1/3 innings and two starts. His eight walks are tied for the National League lead and he’s already allowed three homers after giving up 14 all of last season.

“Edinson wasn’t sharp but he gave us all he had,” manager Dusty Baker said.

  • In the first inning, Volquez was late covering first base on a double play ball and it cost him the first run of the game.

“I’m going to get fined for that,” Volquez said.

  • Volquez gave up Corey Hart’s three-run homer in the second that made it 5-1, Brewers. But the pitcher worked out of a bases-loaded, no outs jam in the fourth.

“I was confident,” Volquez said. “I looked at them and [thought] ‘I’m going to get those guys outs.”

“Edinson has a way of getting into trouble and getting out of trouble,” Baker said. “That was huge because they could have blasted that game open.”

 “We knew we were behind but we never got our heads down,” Encarnacion said. “We have to keep our head up and keep going. We knew the game was early. That’s why we have to play aggressive every inning. You never know what can happen in this game.”


FSN Ohio cut to Best Sports Show with one out in the bottom of the ninth….brutal.
-Dave in Indy

FSN OH should be reprimanded at crucial time in that game for showin re-runs of best damn instead of the end of the game

FSN OH should be reprimanded at crucial time in that game for showin re-runs of best damn instead of the end of the game

I heard about this last night during the game, too. I will try to find one of the guys from FSN to see what went wrong last night. It sounds like a switcher or something was set to automatically dump from the game at 11:30 and they didn’t override when the game went long. But that’s just a guess.

At least it wasn’t like the ‘Heidi’ game from the 1960s, but still frustrating nonetheless.

It was very frustrating! Somebody should get kicked in the junk for that one. To sit through a 3 1/2 hr game and when it got time for the payoff, we got dumped. The most exciting part of the game and I had to watch who Rollie Fingers thinks is the all time best reliever and catcher. I tried to call my cable company and I tried to get online and send an email to FSN, but nothing I did could bring back the game before it was over.

… at least you dont have Time Warner in Columbus…
I saw the opening day game.. and thats it so far…
listening to them on the Radio while watching it on ‘gamecast’… and hoping the MLB channel will cut in from time to time.. just isnt the same…

@oberoom, that does suck. I’m in Louisville and I get about 145 games. I no longer feel as bad for missing the 9th inning. That’s ridiculous that you’re in Columbus and can’t get FSN Ohio. Hell, I get FSN Ohio and FSN South.

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