Taveras and Herrera

Couldn’t get out of here without a couple of updates…

After getting hit by a Joey Votto line drive in the first inning, OF Willy Taveras came out of the game with a bruised right pectoral muscle. He’ll be evaluated tomorrow. Just what you want when you’re about to break camp, right? And no, the Reds aren’t trying to do this just give them a reason to sign Gary Sheffield…

How about Daniel Ray Herrera. He went another 1 1/3 innings of scoreless ball today, allowing just one hit. That means he’s allowed no runs all spring and just three hits over 8 2/3 innings. He didn’t walk a batter and struck out eight. I’d be very surprised if he’s not on the Opening Day roster over Bill Bray, at least for a little while.


I agree Herrera is on a TEAR! Disagree with just a little while. If he pitches well he stays. Was spring training just about winning a spot for a few days? Look if he pitches well they need to get rid of someone else to get Bray back up.

I’m not sure what Dusty thinks of Herrera. I love the kid and I think he’s pitched as well as anyone this spring, if not better. Unfortunately for Herrera and the Reds, it seems like Dusty is dismissing him as a spring training “fluke.” Needless to say, I think he’s fighting an uphill battle for an opening day spot.

Herrera is one of the best stories out of camp this year. I saw him pitch in Tampa vs. the Yankess last week and just overmatch Jeter. Ya can’t help but cheer for this guy.

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