Matthews or Sheff, anyone?

Here’s my question of the day, based on some news/rumors:

First, the rumor. It’s been reported that, at least at some point, the Reds and Angels talked about a trade that would bring Gary Matthews Jr. to Cincinnati for either Aaron Harang or Bronson Arroyo. Not sure if that’s been discussed lately, but I’m efforting to find that out. It’d be a fairly even salary swap, for those wondering.

The news is that the Tigers released Gary Sheffield today. Another team can sign him for the  minimum as the Tigers still owe him his $14 million salary for the year.

So with this information, if you were the GM of the Reds, would you go after either of these players to bolster the outfield situation?  Leave your comments at the beep.


NO! If either of these guys were a right-hitting, .300 ave., 30 HR guy, maybe. From what I’ve heard, Sheffield is washed up (and a problem in the clubhouse to boot) and Matthews seems to have had one stellar year amidst many average ones. Dickson may play as well (or better) than either of these guys and he is younger. It looks to me like our pitching staff may be very good this year; let’s not mess that up.

Where is Harang? Is he pitching in a minor league game on Wednesday. He is the Opening Day starter and is not listed to ptch for the next six days…A little unusual isn’t it?

As for the two hitters mentioned, Sheffield would be another cancer to bring into the clubhouse with these young kids and Matthews is not much player to begin with.
The Reds worked hard to rid themselves of Griffey and Dunn, no reason to start over.

Matthews Jr.: Trading either the Harangutan or Arroyo – both established fixtures in our starting rotation – for a questionably productive bat would seem like a panic move to me. I agree with the notion that this line-up might need a little more power, but I’m not ready to rip apart the rotation to get it.

Sheffield: I’d be more interested in this guy than the other since it wouldn’t require the loss of anyone other than the 5th outfielder, whomever that turns out to be, from our opening day roster. The only thing of value that we might be losing would be the great chemistry that our young team has supposedly developed since the departure of Griffey and Dunn. If we got rid of high-dollar veteran power hitters to make Cincy a better ball club in the long run, then why would we want to change course without giving it a chance to work?

If we’re not scoring runs by May or June, then I could see going after a power bat. At the moment, I’d like to see if Encarnacion, Votto, Phillips, and Bruce have enough power to make our line-up legit.

I would give Sheffield a chance. Little investment. A lot of power in a small ball park.

Give it 30 days. If he doesn’t perform, put him on the road.

Could be a win-win for both.

Wouldn’t trade any pitchers at this point.

Matthews jnr for Harang – would seem to be a salary swap of one overpriced angel for one of our most reliable players. I dont see any value in at all – for the reds that is.

Sheffield is interesting, as he is available quite cheaply, bats right handed and has some power left in his bat. Yet i agree with bennieredsfan – let the side stay young – if we are still in the hunt come july someone will be available.

If the deal was right, almost anyone can be traded. Matthews is not worth it.
No for Sheffield. No more washed up All Stars. Let the kids play. Make a deal in July if the Reds are in the playoff hunt.

I would not trade Harang or Arroyo. The Reds have waited too long and worked too hard to build a good starting rotation.Russ

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