Rays-Reds March 29… weather permitting

They say it’s going to stop raining about noon-ish and the hope is they’re going to get this game in. I hope so. I was kind of looking forward to seeing Rays lefty Scott Kazmir twirl. It’s coming down in buckets now, but hope springs eternal. The radar does look like there’s clearing right behind this mess. Take a look for yourself. If there is a game, here’s the lineup:

Taveras  CF
Hairston Jr. SS
Votto  1B
Phillips  2B
Bruce  RF
Rosales  3B
Dickerson  LF
Hernandez  C
Arroyo  P

Dusty Baker was hoping to get the game in, “sou our pitching doesn’t get backed up. This has been a blessed spring. I was thinking, ‘Let it rain all night because they need the water here, then let it dry out.'”

Originally, both Edwin Encarnacion and Alex Gonzalez were slated to DH in Minor League games today. Even if it does clear up, that’s not going to happen. The back fields don’t have the same kind of drainage as the big field does, so even if there’s baseball played in Sarasota today, there’s no way the Reds would risk having the left side of their infield slipping and sliding around in bad conditions.

Fifth starer update: I hinted at this yesterday, that Micah Owings is getting one more start and Homer Bailey is not. We asked Dusty if this was a done deal and he said, carefully, “It’s not official yet ,just because it’s lined up that way. But [Owings] has pitched great. Whatever the case, though, Homer’s in our plans. Big-time.” He raved about Bailey’s overall demeanor in camp, etc. My guess is he doesn’t want to announce anything yet, just in case something happens in the last week here. But assuming the unofficial becomes official, the question then is whether Bailey would make this team as a reliever or go down to Triple-A to start every fifth day. I vote for the latter, because he simply wouldn’t pitch enough as a long reliever here and his value is as a starter. All you folks who want to trade him need to slow down a bit. Keep in mind that he’s still only 22. How mature were any of you at that age? He’s starting to figure it out. Also, when was the last time a big-league staff only needed five starters all year? If Bailey is gone, who’s your replacement in case of injury or ineffectiveness? Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’m for keeping Homer, sending him to Louisville and let him continue to figure it out as it appears he has started to do here in camp. But maybe that’s just me…

I’ll let you know if it stop sraining enough for there to be baseball today… is that an ark I just saw go by??? — Jonathan Mayo

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Is there any place that it isn’t raining right now?? It’s pouring in the Boston area! Okay – I guess it’s better then snow! lol


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