Reds-Rays from Port Charlotte

Sorry to be a little tardy today. Just catching up on some stuff. No need to post the lineup since the game is already underway here, but a couple notes quickly.

  • Edwin Encarnacion was in the lineup today as the DH. He took full infield today and he said right after that he felt good. If he passes the tests of throwing and hitting today, with no problems after the fact, you’ll probably see him back at third very soon.
  • Alex Gonzalez was also DHing… in a Minor League game back in Sarasota. It’s the first time he’s really tested the hamstring that’s kept him out of action.
  • Forecasts call for rain in Sarasota tomorrow. Dusty Baker said he heard the weatherman say there was 100 percent chance of rain. “That’s pretty high,” Baker said.
  • Starting pitchers for the next few days, weather permitting: Bronson Arroyo (Sunday); Johnny Cueto (Monday); Micah Owings (Tuesday); Aaron Harang (Wednesday); Edinson Volquez (Thursday)… May not mean anything, but anyone else notice that Homer Bailey’s not getting another start?


It is interesting that Bailey isn’t getting another start.


all aboard the homer train to louisville

Hi Mark – I was at the Reds game in Tampa agains the Yankees and CC Sabathia. Why wouldn’t the team take the first team on the 45-min bus ride to Tampa to face the best pitcher in baseball? Only Brandon and Ramon were there. Don’t get it. Clear my fog, please.

oh, and Micah’s in. Let’s deal Homer while we he has some value.

This isn’t Mark, it’s Jonathan (been filling in for Mark for the past week)…anyway — it’s not that they were worried about the bus ride so much. Phillips and Hernandez went because they haven’t been in camp for chunks of the spring. More than the bus ride, though, I think it was the quick turnaround. With a day game on Saturday, it made more sense to not ask the regulars to schlep up to Tampa, then come back down — that would leave all of them out for the day game in Port Charlotte. They’re all still on the daytime schedule, so I’m guessing the feeling was it wasn’t worth throwing everyone off just to face CC.

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