Notes of note pre-game Red Sox-Reds

I need to work on my headline writing. That will not entice people to read, will it? But here we go…

  • Edwin Encarnacion remained out of the lineup with his sore shoulder, but Dusty Baker said he was feeling better and they were hoping he’d be able to play on Friday.
  • Jerry Hairston Jr.  is going to DH in a Minor League game today. It’ll be one of those deals where he’ll lead off every inning so he can get a bunch of at-bats. He could see big-league action tomorrow, at least for a few innings. Look for a story about Hairston over on later today.
  • Baker was waiting to hear an update on Alex Gonzalez and his hamstring. He went home to Miami to see his therapist. Trainer Mark Mann said it was just a little spot and not too bad. He is the proverbial “day-to-day.” Baker: “More than anything, it scares him. He’s thinking, ‘Oh no, not again.’ (in terms of getting injured). I’m glad he stopped when he did.”
  • Brandon Phillips was back in camp today following his illness. He might play a few innings tomorrow.
  • Don’t pay attention to Bronson Arroyo’s line from his Minor League start yesterday (5 IP, 6 runs, 5 earned, 11 hits, 1 BB, 3 K). He threw only fastballs and changeups the entire 84-pitch outing. Here’s what Arroyo had to say about it:

“I told the catcher no signs. I just told him to set up inside and outside and I’d throw fastballs and changeups to either side. The hit the ball nice, but the wind was blowing out at hurricane speed. I threw a lot of fastballs, which I wanted to do, because I can lose command of that when I’m tired. I must have thrown 70 fastballs. My arm was sore an hour after, which was good. It’s better to be killed back there than on the big field on Sunday.” (Arroyo will start on Sunday against the Rays here in Sarasota.

  • The rotation goes as follows: Tomorrow vs. Twins: Micah Owings (Homer Bailey will pitch in a minor-league game; Aaron Harang starts Friday in Tampa against the Yankees; Edinson Volquez gets the start in Port Charlotte against the Rays, then Arroyo on Sunday.
  • Arthur Rhodes and Jared Burton will start in minor league games today. Daryl Thompson will pitch with Homer Bailey in that minor league game tomorrow.

That’s all I got for now. Have a great day, everyone…


This could be the best team the Reds have fielded in quite awhile. I love the battles for the various roles as previous unthought of battles developed. I still wouldn’t want Jones on the team, but at least a few guys stepped and performed great in the LF battle.

Just wanted to say thanks, Casey, for keeping us informed while Mark’s away. Always enjoyed hearing from you via different MLB entities. Keep us informed on where you are next, after this cameo!

Thanks for the kind words, though I don’t know who Casey is. — Jonathan Mayo

But it said Red Sox!??!! 😉


Please pass along to whoever keeps track of the rosters that coach Mark Berry has changed to #41.

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