A-Gone is, well, gone

Alex Gonzalez legged out an infield single with one out in the second inning. He was taken out of the game before the bottom of the second began. Gonzalez, who has been making his way back from surgery on his left knee, pulled up a little lame after crossing first base and was visibly flexing his leg. He stayed on the basepaths, but clearly wasn’t running full speed when he went to second on Ryan Hanigan’s single or when he was forced at third on Edinson Volquez’s sacrifice attempt. We haven’t gotten an update yet on Gonzalez’s status, but I’ll pass it along once we know more… — Jonathan Mayo

Update: Turns out it wasn’t the knee, which is a good thing. He suffered a right hamstring strain (it was indeed his right leg he was flexing). We’ll have more information after the game.


Not good at all. Who would be his backup for opening day if Gonzo is a goner?


I feel like everything that I have read points to Jerry Hairston Jr. as the 1st in line to start on opening day, in the case that Alex isn’t ready.

Good luck to Alex!


Alex is a good little ballplayer. No more injuries!


I think AGON is a bust for the Reds. I don’t expect him to survive the rigors of the season after not playing the past 2 years. Fortunately we have Hairston, Keppinger, Rosales, and even Janish who can all play SS so I thinnk we are ok in that department.


I don’t get how professional athletes get these nagging injuries all the time – don’t you stretch?? Goodness, you’re in your 20s, Alex. I played college ball and never had such nagging injuries – practiced daily, traveled and oh yeah, went to class and studied.

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