I’m in Pirate City preparing for another exciting day of Grapefruit League option. Nice pitching matchup, though, with Ian Snell twirling for the Buccos and Aaron Harang going for your Reds.

Remember how yesterday I said that the starting lineup was more or less what you’d see on Opening Day? Today, not so much:

Darnell McDonald CF
Danny Richar  2B
Laynce Nix  RF
Jonny Gomes LF
Daryle Ward  1B
Adam Rosales 3B
Paul Janish SS
Wilkin Castillo C
Aaron Harang P

Bus just arrived here in Bradenton, where’s it’s a little brisk. The way the press box is designed here, the wind blows right into it and it might be the coldest spot in the Grapefruit League. Not complaining, mind you. Still beats the weather in my hometown of Pittsburgh, but I did have to break out the sweat jacket. I know, quite a tale of woe.

Here’s a question for you to ponder until next we meet: Which “long-shot” do you hope makes the 25-man roster when the Reds break camp? Leave comments below.

Some last-minute pre-game tidbits…(1:02 pm)

  • While the Reds are off on Tuesday, Bronson Arroyo will not be. He’ll throw in a Minor League game, then get Wednesday off.
  • Jerry Hairston Jr. finally made it back to camp today. Cincy Enquirer beat writer John Fay saw him before heading to the game here today. Dusty Baker confirmed that the flu he caught in Mexico really nailed him and that he’d lost 10-12 pounds. He was hoping to get some work in today and tomorrow and would ease back into game action later in the week. He’ll get some time in the outfield and infield, as he’s likely to be the guy to play some short when Alex Gonzalez needs a day off.
  • Speaking of Gonzalez, he seems to be getting closer and closer to full strength with the knee. He came out of yesterday’s game after seven innings, but wanted to stay in for all nine. “Just the fact he wanted to go nine tells me how he feels,” said Baker, who also felt he was running better yesterday than he has.
  • Rotation for the next couple days has been set: Edinson Volquez goes tomorrow against the Blue Jays. Arroyo, as mentioned above, goes Tuesday against Reds Minor Leaguers on the off-day. Johnny Cueto gets the start on Wednesday against the Red Sox.


With as well as both Bailey and Owens have pitched, is there any talk of using one of them as a trading chip to get the right handed bat we need for the heart of our order? Starting pitching is always a powerful trading option and I would think that there would be plenty of clubs interested.

I’ve only been here a couple of days, but not only have I not heard of any trade rumors, I would be very surprised to see either of them be dealt any time soon. You know that whole “you can’t have enough pitching” adage? It’s true. And having an extra young arm at the ready is not a bad thing. I think you could see one of them go to the bullpen (Bailey, most likely), but it really wouldn’t be the end of the world if one was in Triple-A starter and waiting for an opportunity. When was the last time you saw a big-league staff need only five starters all year?

Good point. I guess I’m just feeling that we are still one good right handed bat away from being complete offensively; but maybe good, deep, solid pitching will outweigh that drawback at the plate.

Is there any talk of possibly breaking camp with McDonald? He’s a right handed hitting outfielder and has been really consistent this spring and brings defense and speed as well. I would love to see him get a shot.

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