Allow me to introduce myself

OK, now that Sheldon’s gone, I get to wreak havoc on his blog. In all seriousness, I only hope I can be an informative and entertaining as Mark is on a daily basis. For now, some pregame notes…

Starting lineup:

Willy Taveras CF
Alex Gonzalez SS
Joey Votto 1B
Brandon Phillips 2B
Jay Bruce RF
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Chris Dickerson LF
Ryan Hanigan C
Homer Bailey P

From what I gather, that’s pretty close to the Opening Day lineup, with the obvious exception of Hanigan behind the plate. Obviously, that’s Ramon Hernandez’s spot once he’s done with his World Baseball Classic experience.

Expect just about everyone in the lineup to play all nine innings today. The exceptions are Hanigan and Gonzalez, who’s still coming back from the knee injury. Same deal for tomorrow, when the group that travels to Bradenton will basically play the whole way.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing pitchers hit. I’ve been down here a week and have only seen DH-play. I’m an NL guy — I like seeing the pitchers take their hacks. Also looking forward to seeing Homer Bailey throw. I first talked to Homer back when he was with Dayton (my main gig is covering the Minors). Sure would be nice to see him fulfill all that potential, no?

Quote of the morning, courtesy of Dusty Baker:

“It seems like we’re not hitting because we’re not getting hits.”

Thanks, Yogi… In all seriousness, he explained what he meant by saying that the team has been hitting the ball hard, but that hasn’t resulted in hits. You know, hitting balls right at people, unlucky breaks, not finding holes, that sort of thing.

OK, folks, that’s it for now. Don’t want to use up all my ‘A’ material on the first day…
 — Jonathan Mayo


Welcome Jonathan!


Hello, Jonathan.
A question: there was a catcher warming up pitchers on Fridayv. the Astros named “Peterson”. Who is he?

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