It’s odd but it took until my last Spring Training in Florida to finally get to the Astros’ place in Kissimmee. The trip is a bit of a bear — about 130 miles and two-plus hours. I got to see the ancillary area outside of Disney and all of the non-Disney tourist spots/hotels/etc. The only mouse ears I saw, however, were on an electric transformer tower off of I-4.

I’m the only beat writer who made this trek. The others were probably smart to stay back at the ranch. The ‘A’ lineup also remained in Sarasota.

Reds lineup:

Hopper McDonald CF, Keppinger 2B, Nix RF, Gomes 1B, Jones LF, Rosales 3B, Janish SS, Hanigan C, Cueto P

Hopper didn’t make the trip but I haven’t learned why, yet. Darnell McDonald was inserted into the leadoff spot.

Nick Masset, Josh Roenicke and Pedro Viola are among those available from the bullpen.



Mark, what’s up with Cordero? I’m starting to get a little nervous! Also, is it my imagination or have the “A” line-up bats been a little too quiet?

Cordero is something I will be asking about again today after the bus arrives here. But see the previous post from last night about his numbers. With two weeks left until camp breaks, there has to be some concern at this point.

I saw that Valaika was a pinch hitter yesterday. I remember he was cut in the first round earlier this spring. How does this work?

As it gets later in camp and more bodies are needed for individual games, teams often bring some players over from the Minor League camp — even those that were previously sent out. There are a whole bunch of extra Minor League guys here today.

Good for you to make the trip!


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