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The second wave of cuts came Tuesday morning. Here is the list provided by the Reds:

Optioned to Class AAA Louisville: RHP Sam LeCure, LHP Matt Maloney and RHP Robert Manuel.

Optioned to Class AA Carolina 3B Juan Francisco.

Reassigned to minor league camp RHP James Avery, IF/OF Wes Bankston, 1B Kevin Barker, IF Luis Bolivar, LHP Ben Jukich, C Chris Kroski, LHP Adam Pettyjohn and RHP Jordan Smith.

  • 44 players remain in camp.
  • Homer Bailey’s line from Monday’s Minor League intrasquad game was three runs and four hits allowed over five innings with one walk and six strikeouts. Bailey threw 73 pitches.
  • The probables for the next few days will look quite similar to the regular rotation: Volquez (Weds at TB), Arroyo (Thurs vs. BOS) Cueto (Fri at HOU) and Bailey (Sat vs. PIT)
  • Micah Owings will pitch out of the bullpen behind Volquez tomorrow. Don’t read anything into that.

Reds lineup vs PHI:

Taveras CF, Dickerson LF, Votto 1B, Phillips 2B, Bruce RF, Encarnacion 3B, Gonzalez SS, Hanigan C, Harang P

  • As you can see, it’s mostly what the Opening Day lineup looks like, minus Ramon Hernandez. Dusty Baker plans to keep Gonzalez in the seventh spot and Hernandez in the eighth spot.

“Preferably, I would like to hit Gonzalez in the second spot unless Jerry Hairston is playing,” Baker said. “That second spot is a very intelligent spot to hit in, a very unselfish spot. Dickerson might be a little young to do it on a daily basis but I’ve got him there to teach him how to do it on days when he will do it  — when to take, when to bunt. You’re a double leadoff man.”

Batting second requires a lot more running ahead of the big hitters and Gonzalez’s rehabbing knee isn’t ready for that pounding yet.

  • Weathers, Lincoln and Cordero are on the travel roster to pitch from the bullpen. Outfielders Jonny Gomes and Laynce Nix are among those available off of the bench.

Sorry for being late, but here’s the Phillies lineup:

Utley 2B, Bruntlett SS, Ibanez LF, Howard 1B, Stairs RF, Feliz 3B, Mayberry CF, Ruiz C, Myers P


Looks like he’s wanting to win this one today.

Hey Mark,

Jones still on the team? He’s having an awful spring. The quotes from Dusty about “knowing he can play” remind me of Corey Patterson. Any worries that we’ll see somewhat of a repeat situation this year with Jones?

…………Did Bailey give up a 2 or 3 run homer yesterday? Just looking at the line, he had a WHIP of 1 and 6 Ks in five innings – not bad at all. This is encouraging!

I was about to say someting similar about Jones. Hopefully he has another awful week and gets cut in the next round. I’m concerned that Dusty puts him on the team regardless. My only hope is that at least Patterson had a good spring last year. Surely Dusty wouldn’t put a guy on the team who batted under .200 last year and under .200 again this spring……would he?

this is a lineup i think well see quite a bit this year

Jacques Jones is NOT Corey Patterson!!

Jones, and Daryle Ward, are back in Sarasota taking extra BP and will DH in a minor league game today. And I agree, Jones is not Patterson. It’s a silly comparison.

No one is saying Jones is Corey Patterson. We’re saying Dusty has a history of favoring guys who used to be decent/good for him even if they stink now. I think it’s fair to say Jones falls into that category. When was the last time he hit above .200?

Okay, Mark. Why not explain yourself a little there? No one is comparing the stats or history of Jones to Patterson. We’re saying it appears to us fans that Dusty is once again favoring (being extremely patient with) an aging veteran who does NOT fit the mold of speed and defense that the Reds claim to be going for.

Jones making this team means another lefty power pat (well, not even that, his power is no where to be found anymore) in the lineup, instead of the athletic Chris Dickerson, who couldn’t do anything more to prove he deserves to be the starting LF – except perhaps improve against lefties.

If Jones was putting up Dickerson’s numbers this spring he’d already be penciled in as the starting LF.

redsbaby — I keep getting emails or seeing blog posts making this Jones-Patterson comparison. The only thing they have in common is they both played for the Cubs when Baker was managing. Jones was for just one year, which was a pretty good one.

Everyone frets and assumes Jones is making the team even though there are 15 games left before they even break camp. Just let it play out. Jeff Keppinger is batting .207 and I have not seen any complaints after I blogged the other day that he’s likely assured a spot.

Patterson was certainly ill-conceived to be a leadoff hitter from the get-go and lacked much of a track record offensively. People forget though that he earned the roster spot with a good spring. And Patterson was a solid center fielder defensively. Jones was awful at the plate last year but has a much better track record — which I’ve personally seen for five years. Defensively, his arm isn’t fantastic but he’s far from a liability in the field.

As for Dickerson, he would have to completely stink it up for the last two weeks to not make this team. He’s been solid and to this point, has earned the right to go north.

I hear you on Jeff Keppinger, but the difference is he won’t be blocking a young player from getting time if he makes the team. Jones making the team, with Gomes also playing well, does impact Dickerson’s time.

Yes, Patterson had a good spring to make the team – but he also batted leadoff far longer than he should have been allowed. Its that sort of loyalty that worries Reds fans, and I don’t believe this is something the world has made up – Dusty has certainly proved he’s capable of playing favorites (not to say other managers don’t).

The main reason it worries me so much is because we’re supposed to be rebuilding – not plugging in aging veterans. If we had no alternatives – I’d say do what you got to do. But at some point you need to decide whether its enough for Dickerson to just “go north” or whether he should be giving the chance to play every day. I mean, if we’re looking at 2010, 2011, 2012 as our best chance to win the division, it doesn’t make sense to mess around. Play the young kids this year and if Dickerson doesn’t work out go sign a RH-LF in the offseason.

Of course, its all a moot point if Jones gets cut next round, but I guess my main point is that if he’s made it this far playing that poorly, is it really that “silly” to assume he’s may end up making the squad?

Considering that only young kids have been cut like most years, I don’t think it’s a big deal for a struggling veteran to still be in camp.

I fully agree CP was left in the lineup leading off far too long. Can’t dispute that.

I don’t think Keppinger should be cut but if we followed your logic, wouldn’t he be blocking progress for youth like Rosales, Janish, etc?

The other difference is that Kepp has shown recently (the beginning of last season) that he can be a useful and productive major leaguer, and he’s still on the right side of 30. Another difference is that Rosales and Janish still have something to prove as far as being productive major leaguers before they’re being “blocked” by anybody. If we have McDonald, Nix, Ward, all playing better than Jones, why give him a spot, other than Dusty knew him when he was good?

You’re right, though, Mark. None of those guys has been cut yet, only younger prospects, so we’ll just have to be patient and see how it plays out.

I don’t believe so – at least not as dramatically, only because I don’t see how it would benefit them by coming up and sitting on the bench behind Gonzo. Janish still needs to improve with the stick. Admittedly I haven’t been able to watch Rosales play that often so I can’t make an argument there, but I think its safe to say neither can (right now) make as big an impact on the team as Dickerson can.

I think the difference in the argument is that we currently have **** under contract, and thus, Keppinger is (and in my opinion never has been more than) a utility guy, which means he’s only blocking someone from sitting on the bench – which is obviously way different than blocking someone from playing every day.

Does that make sense?

I’m not sure what the deal with the stars are in the previous post, but that was supposed to be Alex Gonzalez.

Don’t hear much about Daniel Herrera this guy is having an awesome spring. I think he has given up just 1 hit. The stats don’t include a game against the Netherlands where he got the win and another hitless inning. No walks 4 K’s and a 0 ERA

This guy needs to be in the bullpen. What say you-?

It does make sense. I was just doing the devil’s advocate thing on Kepp to make a point.

But people are making a lot of assumptions on Dickerson. Was his six weeks of MLB time enough to judge him that he can make a big impact this year? I think he’s been very good, athletic, etc., but he has to do that again this year to convince me — especially the hitting vs. lefties if he gets that chance in the regular season.

agreed. Only one way to find out, though, haha.

I’d be happy with a Dickerson/Gomes platoon. If I remember correctly, Jones doesn’t hit lefties well, and Gomes does.

Enjoy the game Mark, keep up the good work.

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