Arroyo's day vs. Phils

Bronson Arroyo’s numbers from his second start of spring, also his second start vs. the Phillies:

3 1/3 IN, 3 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 2K, 2 HR

The homers came from Geoff Jenkins’ solo shot to right field with a 1-0 count and two outs in the second inning. Ryan Howard went deep to right field on a full-count pitch leading off the fourth.

Here’s an unfiltered account what Arroyo had to say after he came out:

“I really didn’t feel nearly as good as I felt the last time. The mound here was bothering me a little bit. It was almost like a flat mound. It didn’t have much tilt to it. On top of that, I didn’t feel that strong. You feel little weak and try to throw on a flat mound, and you feel like you’re throwing uphill a little bit. My command and stuff was OK but everything felt very soft. I didn’t have much zip on anything. I just wanted to get through the day and not get killed.”

On the homers:

“The wind was blowing out. Both of those balls weren’t hit very good. Jenkins, I’m not sure but it sounded like he hit it off the end of the bat. I threw him a sinker. Howard’s just got enough of it and he hit it really high. Other than that, I was happy with how it turned out.”

Arroyo, who exited with a 3-2 lead,  has a 5.06 ERA through 5 1/3 innings of work and that doesn’t count his four scoreless innings vs. the Netherlands. Obviously, it’s too small of a sample size to gauge anything yet.

Just for fun, does anyone have a win total and innings prediction for Arroyo in 2009?

  • The Reds won the game, 8-4. The big hit of the day was Chris Valaika’s grand slam to left field in the top of the seventh. It snapped a 4-4 tie. For those of you scoring at home, that’s five grand slams by the Reds this spring. As Kenny Mayne would say “that must be some kind of record.” Not sure about that, but the total easily leads the Majors this spring for what that’s worth (not much).  The Cubs and Mets each had two grand slams entering the day.


    Did you ask Arroyo if his boat party this weekend might have contributed to him feeling ‘weak’? 🙂

    Sounds like Arroyo might be having a bit too much fun!


    Saw that rockermann, that’s pretty funny stuff….mainly the picture of Pedro.

    I’ll go with 195 innings with an era of 4.5, which will translate to 11 wins.

    Let me get this straight, ball players goofing off during spring break…I mean spring training! Noooooo


    12 wins, 189 innings.

    13-11, 4.39 ERA

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