Harang labors vs. Twins

Reds ace Aaron Harang will be the first to admit his start vs. the Twins on Friday was far from sensational. Harang gave up two earned runs, six hits and a walk over 3 2/3 innings with no strikeouts.

A lot of Harang’s outs were also well-hit and his outfield was kept busy. The wind held a few balls up to be catchable.

“I felt like my timing was a little off and my release point,” Harang said. “The ball was moving on me a little bit. Everything seemed to be coming back to the middle of the plate instead of staying crisp and on the spots I wanted it to go.”

On Sunday vs. the Yankees, Harang gave up three earned runs and six hits over three innings. But remember, the Yankees had most of their ‘A’ lineup and the wind was big-time blowing out of the ballpark.

I don’t have the exact pitch count for Harang’s outing today — he said it was in the 50s.

“I felt better in the third and fourth innings than I did in the first and second,” Harang said.

The Reds dropped the game 3-0, notching only four hits.


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You’ve got it in one. Co’lndut have put it better.

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