Worries about Coco? Lineups & notes

Good morning from Sarasota, where all signs are pointing to a beautiful day. To stir the pot of weather envy in the North, the expected high today is going to be 78.

On to the news and notes for Thursday:

Closer Francisco Cordero has a 22.50 ERA through two appearances (5ER, 2 IN), and that doesn’t even count Wednesday’s exhibition vs. the Netherlands where he gave one earned run on Randall Simon’s RBI double. Cordero also walked a batter and struck out two in the game.

Sure it’s early in spring but Cordero is also coming off ankle surgery. Are you worried about the Reds closer? Manager Dusty Baker and Cordero are not concerned.

“It’s too early to worry, No. 1,” Baker said. “You could be worried about something you don’t need to be worried about yet. With a week left in the pre-season, you’re a little concerned. I’ve seen guys, especially veteran pitchers, that are facing guys they don’t even know. You’re told to keep the ball down the and guy is a low-ball hitter and he’s a kid. When you set them up, you don’t even know they’re being set up. Everybody in the ballpark knows he’s set up for the inside fastball but him.”

Cordero, who saved 34 games last season, had minor right ankle surgery in September to remove a bone spur.

“I feel good. My body, my shoulder, everything else feels good,” Cordero said. “I’m just trying get back on track and get everything normal with my ankle. It’s been great. I’m working more to get the ankle ready than anything else. It’s not like you want to go out there and give it up. Every time I pitch, I want to do a good job. I’m not worried about what’s happening right now – if I give up hits or runs. Obviously, I don’t want to do that but I don’t worry about it. I just want to get ready and back on track and feel good.”

  • Jacque Jones will get his first start at first base against the Pirates.
  • Alex Gonzalez is back at shortstop (sorry I meant DH). Baker is still concerned about Gonzalez’s gait when he runs but thinks it’s a matter of getting used to not limping.

Here are the lineups for Thursday:


Hopper LF, Keppinger SS, Bankston RF, Phillips 2B, Jones 1B, Rosales 3B, Nix CF, Gonzalez DH, Kroski C

P – Masset


Morgan CF, McCutchen LF, Moss RF, Monroe DH, LaRoche 3B, Jones 1B, Diaz C, Ford 2B, Bixler SS

P – Maholm




I’m not worried. Closers thrive on pressure, and right now there isn’t any. Coming off surgery he is probably just focused on good form and not getting injured.

-Dave in Indy

69 in Ohio Saturday… thunder storms.. but 69…

didnt Coco have a huge ERA last spring?

Cordero had a 5.00 ERA and 12 hits allowed over nine innings last spring.

As long as he takes it slow and easy I suspect that Cordero will do fine.


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