No issues for Gonzalez, Arroyo smooth

  • Alex Gonzalez’s first game of the spring appeared to go OK. Gonzalez was 1-for-2 against the Netherlands with a first-inning fly out to left field and he lined a single to left field in the third. He did not appear to be favoring his left knee at all as he ran the bases.

“Finally,” Gonzalez said of playing again. Here is what else he said:

“I felt very good. it was a little tight. It was nothing with my knee. It’s the muscle above the knee.”

“If I keep doing what I’ve been doing every day here, I will be ready for the season.”

“He swung the bat good,” manager Dusty Baker said. “He hit a good breaking ball. He’s still not running great but I didn’t know if that was because he didn’t have to run. I’ve seen him run better in practice.”

  • Bronson Arroyo pitched four scoreless innings with two first inning hits allowed. Arroyo struck out two and threw 47 pitches in the game. He started the game with a bunt single allowed and also gave up a Randall Simon single to left field.

Arroyo finished up by retiring his final 10 in a row.

“It was good,” Arroyo said. “When you don’t know guys, it makes you go a little bit harder. I don’t know if these guys are A-ball, Triple-A, Mexico or don’t play at all. You have no idea. I just assume everybody is pretty darn good. I went at them hard, especially after I gave up two hits in the first inning. I didn’t want to get beat up too bad by those guys.

“Today was much, much better. The fastball was coming out of my hand much better. My command was better. I felt stronger. It felt a lot more like a regular game today. Plus, it’s a little bit easier with Hanigan behind the plate. He’s used to how I pitch from last year.”

  • Since it was a special non-Grapefruit League exhibition, Wednesday’s game was not counted statistically for the players. The crowd was pretty sparse, less than 1,000 people — I’m told it’s often like this for Florida State League games here.
  • The Reds won the game, 4-3, in 10 innings. Luis Bolivar scored from third base on a wild pitch to Todd Frazier.






Is there any concern about Bronson’s comment “it’s a little bit easier with Hanigan behind the plate. He’s used to how I pitch from last year” when our everyday catcher is busy with the WBC for possibly the next 3 weeks? Will Hanigan get more starts out of the gate with pitchers he is more comfortable with?

I don’t think it’s a concern. Many pitchers, especially Arroyo, are creatures of habit. Remember that Arroyo liked working exclusively with David Ross for over two years and then he got used to Hanigan. Hernandez had limited chances to work with the starters before leaving for the WBC. There should be enough time for pitchers to get comfortable after he gets back.

OK – thanks for the quick response Mark! Great job on the blog this Spring, I’ve really enjoyed the up to the minute updates and details you can’t really get anywhere else. Here’s to getting you into the top 10!
-Dave in Indy

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