Reds-Red Sox: Part Deux – lineups, notes

Greetings from Fort Myers and City of Palms Park. Here are the lineups:


Hopper CF, Jones LF, Bruce RF, Phillips 2B, Encarnacion 3B, Francisco DH, Ward 1B, Hanigan C, Janish SS

Owings – P

Red Sox:

Ellsbury CF, Lowrie SS, Wilkerson RF, Baldelli DH, Varitek C, McNaulty LF, Anderson 1B, Ochoa 2B, Velazquez 3B

Lester – P

  • Thompson, Cordero, Rhodes and Maloney are in the bullpen today behind Owings.
  • Arroyo is starting on Wednesday vs. the Netherlands. Masset starts on Thursday vs. the Pirates and Harang is slated for Friday against the Twins.
  • The Reds will be facing both of their own pitchers in the game vs. the Netherlands squad — Alexander Smit and Juan Carlos Sulbaran are slated to work from the bullpen tomorrow.

From the clubhouse:

  • Daryle Ward is feeling better after missing a few days with food poisoning. He got his first start at first base and could be in left field sometime soon. A key for him is also is left-handed pinch-hitting ability. He has 11 career PH homers, and isn’t intimidated at facing other team’s hard-throwing closers and set-up men.

“I believe in myself. I believe in my bat speed,” Ward said. “For me, the harder the guy throws, the better.”

  • Dusty Baker said that Alex Gonzalez is still on track to be the DH in Wednesday’s game vs. the Netherlands.

“He’ll probably DH a couple of days and get his stroke,” Baker said. “The next step will be a few innings in the field, probably starting a game so he can loose before the game instead of trying to get loose in the middle of a game. I’m excited to have him.”

  • Baker was pleased when he found out Team USA, Venezuela and Canada were all in the same bracket for the first round of the WBC. Joey Votto plays for Canada while Ramon Hernandez and Ramon Ramirez are with Venezuela.

“So we’re going to get somebody back either way? Real soon,” Baker said laughing.

Below is another cool picture from Brita Meng Outzen — Reds players watching the Red Sox take batting practice and waiting to stretch.


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Interesting – the Reds has a player with food poisoning and so does the Red Sox. I wonder where they all eat?


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