Windblown win for Reds

The wind was blowing out today between 15-20 mph, which made for not a banner day for pitchers of either team. There were eight homers and 33 hits totaled in the 13-11 Reds win over the Yankees on Sunday.

“You knew it’d be a wild one when it started. I was predicting 15-12,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “The balls were flying today. They were hit pretty good.”

The need to know rundown:

Like many starters in their first spring outing, Reds starter Aaron Harang spent some time trying to get his bearings on the mound. Harang’s line was three innings pitched with three earned runs and six hits, including a home run. Two of the runs and four of the hits came in the first inning.

“I felt good out there. The first inning, of course, the adrenaline gets going,” Harang said. “I kind of have to get everything back under control. I got a little erratic with my mechanics. I was out in front and I was keeping the ball over the plate and up a little bit. In the second and third innings, I kind of settled in.”

“Aaron threw the ball well,” Baker said. “At first he started out so-so, like he usually does. But his delivery was good. His control was good. And that wasn’t a bad lineup he was facing.”

  • The Yankees brought regulars like Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez to Sarasota.
  • The numbers were grim looking for veteran relievers David Weathers, Arthur Rhodes and Francisco Cordero. Weathers gave up two earned runs and three hits in one inning, including two homers in the fourth. Rhodes gave up three earned runs and five hits over his one inning while Cordero allowed three earned runs and four hits in one inning with two strikeouts. Baker didn’t seem too concerned.

“Our veteran guys were throwing the ball good,” he said. “They just got roughed up a little bit. They all threw the ball with good velocity. It usually takes them a little longer to get going, the older guys. I like where they are at this point.”

  • The Reds totaled five homers, their most in a spring game since 2003. Chris Dickerson went deep twice while Joey Votto, Laynce Nix and Craig Tatum (grand slam) hit one homer each.
  • Daryle Ward was supposed to play left field as a replacement but was sent home with the flu.
  • The announced attendance was 6,345 — I’d guess half were comprised of Yankees fans. Rodriguez got a mix of lusty boos and cheers when he came to the plate.




Come on boys, keep impressing me!


We’re Grand Slam hot!


And this one belongs to the Reds!
(copy write Marty B, although not used with his permission, I don’t think he’ll mind just this once..)

I really thought we were supposed to be a small ball team, but all I’m seeing is wins due to grand slams.


I wouldn’t read too much into the oodles of homers today. The wind was big time blowing out of Ed Smith Stadium. It was not a fun day to be a pitcher for either team.

votto is on fire.

Hey Mark, how about giving a fellow blogger some good press and putting me in your Reds Blogs links on the right side of your site?


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