Chilly Sunday's lineups and notes

For envious folks in colder climates, you aren’t going to be missing much, weather-wise, down here. A front has moved in Sunday morning with gloomy gray clouds, rain and wind. When it’s finished, we’re looking at highs in the 50s and low 60s for a few days. Snow is predicted in very southern spots like New Orleans, Atlanta and possibly northern Florida.

“I learned for the first time that snow and Florida could be used in the same sentence,” joked pitcher Homer Bailey.

It’s not a lock yet that the Reds-Yankees game will start on time, or at all. Here is the Reds lineup:

McDonald CF, Rosales SS, Votto 1B, Phillips 2B, Dickerson RF, Keppinger 3B, Alonso DH, Hopper LF, Hanigan C 

P – Harang

Yankees lineup:

Gardner CF, Jeter SS, Teixeira 1B, Rodriguez 3B, Cano 2B, Nady RF, J. Rodriguez LF, Ransom DH, Cash C

P -Aceves

  • Alex Rodriguez was supposed to meet with MLB officials today but now he wants the meeting pushed back. His appearance here was interesting for friend Yonder Alonso.

“That’s one reason I’m playing Yonder today,” manager Dusty Baker said. “He’s DHing so A-Rod can see him play.”

“It’s going to be nice. I can’t wait. Hopefully we can get this game in,” Alonso said.

  • It turned out that Saturday wasn’t Joey Votto’s last game before the World Baseball Classic. He’s obviously in the lineup and will head to Dunedin, Fla. to meet up with Team Canada after the game.

“He wants to play,” Baker said. “His point of destination is a lot shorter than the rest of the guys.”

  • The Reds are targeting to have Alex Gonzalez start at DH on Wednesday night vs. the Netherlands WBC squad. Gonzalez will run the bases and slide a couple more times before that game to test his knee. He told me he’s sore in the muscle above the knee but that the knee itself feels fine.


  • Former Reds GM Jim Bowden resigned from the Nationals this morning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marty Brennaman so giddy.
  • The Reds agreed to one year contracts with Bailey and RHP Nick Masset.


Finally, friend and Boston photographer Brita Meng Outzen sent me this picture from Saturday’s game in Fort Myers. I thought it was pretty cool.


pfft..snow/florida, how ’bout giddy and Marty Brennaman. o.O

good early test for harang

Great photo! Oh – I’ll take 50/60s and rain and give you my 20s and snow!


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