Thursday's plethora of Reds stuff

First game of the last spring at Ed Smith Stadium. The nostalgia is rampant (not really). I will say that I’ve talked to several locals that are obviously disappointed the Reds are headed to Arizona next spring. It’s too bad they didn’t have voices on the county commission or city council who won’t know what they’ve lost until it’s gone.

Beautiful day in Sarasota — not a cloud in the sky and highs expected in the mid-to-high 70s.

On to the Reds detail:

I talked to Homer Bailey today to see how he liked his one inning. He made quick work of the Rays with two strikeouts and a total eight pitches.

“Six out of eight were fastballs,” said Bailey, who threw 25 more pitches in the bullpen. “They went pretty much where the glove was and I was glad to see that.

Is he confident since the start of camp?

“I came into spring more prepared than I ever have,” Bailey replied. “Any time you feel like you’re completely prepared, you have more confidence. It was the first game but we have a long spring to go and a long season ahead of us. I will try to go out and keep things on a roll.”

Bailey is scheduled to make his first start on Monday vs. the Pirates at Bradenton.

Fellow fifth spot candidate Daryl Thompson is feeling quite confident after his brief exposure in the Majors last season. Thompson is scheduled to pitch out of the bullpen after Bronson Arroyo in Friday’s game vs. the Phillies.

“Last year, doing as well as I did, my confidence has gone up so much,” Thompson said. “I maintained it all through the season and brought it with me into this season. Hopefully, I can make the club and help the team the whole season.”

“I know he’s not scared. He wants it,” manager Dusty Baker said. “He pays attention. He doesn’t talk too much when he should be listening. A lot of young guys like to talk when they should be listening and he’s not one of them. He’s very respectful and works hard. He’s gotten stronger from last winter.”

Thompson had what I think was an interesting off-season at home in Maryland too. Check the web site later today for a feature.

The Reds will be holding their annual union meeting with Don Fehr on Friday morning. Clubhouse access will be very limited as a result, especially if it goes long. I’ve seen a few instances in the past where the meeting went right up to first pitch and there wasn’t even batting practice taken.

In environmental news, outfielder Chris Dickerson received his shipment of aluminum water bottles from the Sigg company. Wanting to cut down on the team’s consumption of plastic bottles, he’s trying to get his teammates to use them.

“I just passed them all out,” Dickerson said. Many of the bottles were in the players’ locker stalls.

Dickerson also got the Reds to put recycle bins in the clubhouse and is sometimes seen picking plastic bottles out of the garbage can.

“It’s a work in progress,” Dickerson said. 

 Check out Dickerson’s web site that details his environmental efforts:


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so many options for that 5th spot

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