No. 16, with a bullet

Apparently, there is a ranking of all the MLBlogs, based on web traffic. And I was pleased to notice that MMW was ranked 16th among the pro blogs. In the period before that, it was ranked 20th. I’ve appreciated the feedback I’ve gotten with this blog and I’ve enjoyed doing it so far.

billboardchart.jpgNow let’s get the comments going so it can be really successful. I’ve learned the comments are easier to make now after a tweak to the system.

I must admit that I’m competitive and greedy…and I want the top 10 among pro blogs. You can get me there and obviously, I will have to give you more reasons to come back. After a couple of weeks of seeing this, what aren’t you getting that you’d like to see? What do you want more of? As for stories on the regular site, what haven’t I gotten to that you’d like to read about? There’s a good chance I’m working on it and I should get to a lot of players before camp is over.



Okay – here’s a comment for you: Congrats on #16!


Thanks much. I still don’t understand why it’s hard to comment. Can people do it anonymously, or do they have to have a login ID?

this is my new favorite Blog!! for 2 reasons:
1. you do an excellent job for the Redlegs…
2. this is the only ‘reds insider’ blog/message board where everyone isn’t negative…

that being said… I hope you become the #1 MLBlog.. with all of the ignorant fans stay over there on Fays blog (no offense to him.. he does a great job… but I cant stand reading it because of the regulars there…)

From one Mark to another, great blog. Other than the latest Reds info, the clean look of the blog keeps me coming back. Plus, I feel like when you comment your voice is heard. Its not a battlefield of comments. Keep it up.

I think most Reds fans are just anxious to get this season started to see if the new “small ball” approach will result in an improved team.

Who are the 8 unsigned players?

This blog is a wicked pissah! Signed, the kid selling fireworks near the Dunkin Donuts.

negative… I know where you have been. I know I am trying to find out what Homer’s fastball was clocking yesterday.

Here’s a idea. Give us something to read early in the morning, right before lunch and after the game. Then if you feel like it, a little after dinner posting would nice. This keeps the 100+ comment lists down and should prevent too many side tangents from starting up.

at least your honest about your need to feel loved in the world of blogging. i for one can never get enough reds, so ill be a frequent visitor with an occasional comment or two.

1. You do have to register in order to post a comment with which I don’t have a problem.

2. doesn’t have an option to keep you logged in(cookies). So you have to log in at the sit and return each time you want to post a comment. And if you haven’t taken the time to change your password then it’s a real pain to get your password, go log in, come back to this site, then post your comment. This is where I have a problem.

I’m not sure about your background or if you know what’s out there in terms of Reds blogs. I frequent yours, Rosencrans’, Fay’s, McCoy’s, Doug Gray’s (, and Redleg Nation for my Reds info needs. I think each offer a little something different. Visiting those might give you some ideas. Heres some of things that stand out about each IMO.

Fay’s is pure information. When it comes to breaking news, Fay or C.Trent (Rosencrans) usually have the scoop quickest and posted no matter the time of night. Also, Fay usually has a gameday play-by-play blog for outtatowners since 700WLW can’t stream games and if the game is blacked out on TV.

Rosencrans’ blog is kind of a hodgepodge depending on the current sports season.

McCoy seems to paste his articles on his blog. McCoy is the HOF colorful quick witted writer and offers a sort of behind the seens look into the Reds clubhouse. is just tremendous. Doug is just awesome at what he does. I just started going to his site last fall and consider myself to have a decent understanding of quite a few different statistics and many of the top players throughout our system (compared to the avg fan) where before I didn’t have a clue. Also, his coverage, breakdowns of our farm system, given the small market, moneyball era of baseball the Reds and other small market teams are playing, make this site invaluable to fans.

Redlegs Nation has a mix between of info between the Reds and the farm system. To me what sets this site apart are the interviews by Bill Lack (sp?) in the podcasts. This guy is the absolute best interviewer I’ve heard/read in a long time. If there’s an interviewer gene one can be born with then he’s got it. Whether its a lesser known prospect in A ball or Chris Welsh, I start listening and before I know it an hour has passed. He’s always so prepared. I can’t put my finger on it but he asks questions you didn’t know you wanted to know the answers to until afterwards. Whatever he does the guy deserves much praise.

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