Guessing the 25-man roster

Before the games started this week, I thought it’d be a good idea to submit in my first 25-man roster prediction. This isn’t based on individual performances to this point, but the overall feel of things after almost 10 days in camp.


1. Joey Votto
2. Brandon Phillips
3. Edwin Encarnacion
4. Alex Gonzalez
5. Jeff Keppinger
6. Jerry Hairston Jr.


7. Jay Bruce
8. Willy Taveras
9.  Chris Dickerson
10. Jonny Gomes
11. Jacque Jones


12. Ramon Hernandez
13. Ryan Hanigan

Starting pitchers

14. Aaron Harang
15. Edinson Volquez
16. Bronson Arroyo
17. Johnny Cueto
18. Micah Owings


19. Francisco Cordero
20. Jared Burton
21. David Weathers
22. Arthur Rhodes
23. Bill Bray
24. Mike Lincoln
25. Nick Masset

Keep a few things in mind — Masset is out of Minor League options and Homer Bailey is not. If Owings doesn’t make the rotation, he’d likely go to the bullpen because he can also pinch-hit. If Bailey has an absolutely sensational spring (like Cueto did last year), his quality of stuff puts him in the rotation. This also assumes 12 pitchers instead of 11, so that last bullpen spot could be swapped for one more bench spot. That would benefit someone like Wilkin Castillo or Daryle Ward.

As an FYI — the following players on the 40-man roster besides Masset that are also out of options: : RHP Bronson Arroyo, RHP Francisco Cordero, IF/OF Jeff Keppinger, RHP Mike Lincoln, 2B Brandon Phillips, LHP Arthur Rhodes and RHP David Weathers. I don’t think any of them have anything to worry about anyway.

What do you think? What would you change from the 25 men I listed?


Maybe it is time for Arroyo, like Bernie Williams, to concentrate on his music.


Given the caveats you explained, there’s virtually no chance that won’t be the 25 man roster. Unfortunately Castillo won’t make it because we have to live with another one of Dusty’s comeback projects. He just loves those speedy “down on their luck” veterans. No sense in crying over this until about mid-May. He’s got it in his head that LF has to bat in the 2 hole, which means it’ll be Jones instead of Gomes platooning with Dickerson. Hopefully it’ll be Hairston/Dickerson but I doubt it. At least we’ll only see Jones against lefties unless Dusty goes off the deep end (knock on wood). Maybe we can get lucky for once and some of these “it’s gonna be different this season” guys you reporters have been writing about will pan out.

This looks like a pretty good prediction, Mark. Surely, someone will come out of nowhere and change things up a little. I hope Jacque Jones does well, but the platoon that the last poster mentioned doesn’t make sense since I’m pretty sure Jones bats and throws left-handed. So, what will Jones be used for? Will he spell Willy Taveras against tough right handed pitchers? Or will he primarily be used as a bat off the bench? With the way Dusty seems to love his former players, he may end up as the everyday left fielder.

That is the exact same roster that I have envisioned. Darryl Ward could possibly make the roster as a backup 1B and PH, but I like the versatility of Jones and Dickerson instead. I think Roenicke and Herrera are major league ready and could be on the roster if anyone from the bullpen gets injured. It will be interesting to see how Massett performs in the spring as a starter. From what we saw from him last year, his stuff will get him a roster spot as a long reliever at the very least. Odd men out: Rosales, Castillo, Roenicke, Herrera, Fisher, Bailey, Thompson, Ward, Hopper?

Oops, bad assumption by me on Jones being RH, thx orlins_a. Jones being LH makes me feel alot better now.

i think that roster is pretty much a lock but its not enough. why did we not use the money we saved from grif and dunn and get bobby abreu or raul ibanez someone that might put us over the hump instead of hoping that maybe a young guy might turn into a star which i think we have quite a few future stars but i wish we werent putting so much pressure on them our roster is another roster where im gonna still be trying to convince my little nine year old to keep rooting for the redlegs and not the red sox

On the last few decisions to be made, it’s essentially:

Yes – Johnny Gomes, Jacque Jones.
No – Norris Hopper, Daryle Ward, Laynce Nix, Drew Stubbs.

I just don’t know about Gomes, ya know. I think Joe Maddon caught his act the last few years, and had it with Gomes swingin’ and missin’. In his full minor league seasons – which Bill James has cited as an indicator of future performance – he whiffs once per every three ABs. Plus, after his 2005 breakout major-league season, he really fell off a cliff…

The big question is if Gomes and/or Jones come north, who gets cut from the 40-man roster?

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