Cueto definitely pitching for D.R.

Johnny Cueto has delievered his RSVP for the World Baseball Classic. He’s definitely pitching for the Dominican Republic, instructor Mario Soto confirmed on Saturday.

With Edinson Volquez already locked in, the Reds will have two-fifths of their 2009 rotation away for a while. The World Baseball Classic tournament runs from March 5-23. Cueto, Volquez and Soto will leave camp on March 1 to begin workouts with the Dominican squad.

“They could be gone a week, or three weeks,” Reds pitching coach Dick Pole said.

Other Reds also planning on playing in the Classic are first baseman Joey Votto (Canada), catcher Ramon Hernandez (Venezuela) and utility player Jerry Hairston Jr. (Mexico).


Can teams tell their players that that are not allowed to compete in the WBC because their duty to their respective team comes first?

Let’s just say it’s heavily frowned upon unless the player is coming back from an injury or isn’t 100 percent healthy.

who is the 15 unsigned so far

who are the 15 not signed by the team yet and what length contract do the players signed have

I don’t have the list in front of me. The 0-3 players all sign one year contracts at an amount slotted by the club. It’s around the minimum salary but increases some each year.

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