Meet Jonny Gomes

Former Rays promising star Jonny Gomes is trying to make the Reds as a non-roster player. If he’s able to make it and succeed, he could become popular quickly. Gomes has a reputation for being a teammates’ teammate and is pretty good with the quotes.

Last season during the playoffs, he was often the guy with the mohawk shown on TV from the Tampa Bay bench supporting and congratulating teammates. He’s also the guy that stood up for his team during brawls against both the Yankees and Red Sox.

“That stuff isn’t going to win you a ballgame. It’s not going to lose you a ballgame either,” Gomes said. “But with the long haul that we’re in, we have to keep it a tight-knit family. There are so many peaks and valleys during a season, you have to keep the guys loose. Let them play for today and not drag a loss to the following day.

“On the other side of those peaks and valleys, laughs and cries, we have to be a brotherhood. Just like your family back home, if someone messes around with them, you have to step in and not get bullied around.”

Gomes works with former Reds star Kevin Mitchell on hitting during the off-season. Mitchell was one of the people that provided Dusty Baker with background when Baker started calling around about Gomes’ history.

Here is link to the story that I wrote for today:

Also from the complex Friday:

The pitchers were given the day off from throwing. There was no live BP, just regular coaches-thrown batting practice.

Everyone appears to be healthy at the moment. No one is being held back.

Joey Votto took a groundball off the face during infield practice but declined being looked at by the trainers and kept going. He seemed to be fine.


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I remember Jonny well. I hope he makes it with the Reds.


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