Random thoughts

You’d be amazed at what flows through your mind when you’re dodging bad Florida drivers.


 Does anyone else wish Alex Rodriguez would drop the “young and stupid” defense? It’s hard enough to get away with saying that when you’re 20-21. In 2001 when he started on steroids, Rodriguez was 25. … the Reds should feel pretty good knowing one of their better NL Central rivals, the Brewers, had to sign Eric Gagne to a minor league deal. Milwaukee’s pitching stands to be very, very thin in 2009. … I miss having a DVR to record TV shows down here. I have a feeling there will be a half-dozen episodes of “Damages” waiting for me at home. … I’ve already been to eat lunch at Gus’ diner by the Sarasota facility four times in five days. I will miss Gus’ but I hope Goodyear has In ‘N Out Burger near the new facility.  … Speaking of Goodyear, I wonder if I will tire of seeing desert reds and oranges everywhere in Arizona as much as I get worn out seeing Florida Turquoise and salmon. … If John Larroquette, Valerie Bertinelli, Joanna Kerns, Tori Spelling, Tracey Gold and Mark Consuelos appeared in the same TV movie, would the Lifetime and Hallmark networks implode? … there have been no Dick Vitale sightings at Reds camp to this point. … I liked the ’25 random things’ on Facebook, but I could do without the copycats like three notes, one-word answers, 25 favorite songs, etc. … beware to anyone that comes down here and visits Siesta Key. For some reason, the local government chose the peak tourist season to do a major street and sidewalk construction in the village. Parking is at a massive premium.

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