Owings on feeling healthy, hitting

Pitcher Micah Owings, who missed much of the second half with a shoulder injury before his trade from Arizona for Adam Dunn, is in a battle for the fifth starter’s spot. He’s already thrown in the bullpen and reports no health issues.

“That’s the most important thing right now that I’m feeling good,” Owings said. “I threw a couple of ‘pens before I came down. I’m starting to feel like I can cut it loose again. After going down with strain last year, you kind of think about how you might come back.”

All winter, the emails flowed to the former mailbag asking for the Reds to convert Owings from a pitcher to everyday player since he can hit. Does it bother the right-hander?

“My whole life I’ve been treated as a pitcher and then a hitter,” Owings said. “So I kind of think that since I’ve made it to the big leagues, it’s kind of been the opposite. I consider it as a compliment and respectful. By no means, do I take it as a knock on my pitching. But that’s what I’m here to do and that’s what my focus is going to be. Hitting is just a plus.”

Owings, who will likely pinch-hit during the season, has taken some swings in the cage this spring.



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