Spring Training think tank

We’re three days from Reds pitchers and catchers reporting and I’m two days away from heading to Sarasota….

Spring Training always has interesting storylines and subplots — some we know already while others develop after a few weeks. What are some of the potential Reds stories at camp that will interest you?

Is it position battles — left field, fifth starter, bench spots? Is it Alex Gonzalez and whether he is healthy enough to play shortstop regularly? Is it the plan to try to win with speed, pitching and defense over the power/home run approach that hasn’t worked? Or the core of younger players that will be expected to carry the team?

I have a few thoughts of my own but I’d love to take a few of your ideas to Florida. It could be a suggestion of a player profile or something broader. Go ahead and chime in here please.



I feel the two biggest story lines have to be:

1) Can the Reds turn the corner with the speed/defense approach?

All you hear from Reds fans are how we are lacking power. That might be true, but the past says it doesnt work! We’ve had it for 10 years and its gotten us nowhere. Let’s try something else. We play in GABP, the power will come. Seems like the speed/defense type of play could relax the pitchers more. If they have confidence in the defense behind them, maybe they’ll be more aggressive, with a potential of keeping pitch counts down.

2) Can any prospects/minor league talent make the team?

Who needs to spend big money on a short term left fielder if someone can step up within the organization. Maybe they will, maybe they wont. The unknown is the unknown. But the known is that whatever the Reds have done in the past hasnt worked.

“Can the Reds turn the corner with the speed/defense approach?” It has been known to work.

The 1990 World Champs had no hitter with over 26 HRs. Early that season I recall them being dubbed the ‘Running Reds.’ You might want to ask Bill Hatcher about that–he was a big part of it then.

All of the things you mentioned plus we love the personal stuff – clubhouse jokes, etc. – weather reports and restaurant/places you go that make an impression – want to feel like we’re THERE! (thankfully I will be for a few games later in March) Thanks


What do you think are the odds that Jacque Jones breaks camp with the Reds? Him and Dusy Baker have me scared to death, to be honest.

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