Who's in LF?

So the Reds identified acquiring a right-handed hitting, run-producing left fielder as a top priority in the off-season. You’re probably wondering ‘what happened?’

The choices weren’t great and in my mind, no one out there really was someone that could catapult the Reds into an instant World Series contender.

Now it appears left field will be by committee (er…platoon). The choices are Chris Dickerson, Jerry Hairston Jr., Jonny Gomes, Norris Hopper and Jacque Jones.

Who do you like and why? Who will win the job?



Welcome to the MLBlogosphere! I think that the Reds should have Gomes and Dickerson in a platoon because it provides a nice blend of power and speed for them. How did you think Edinson Volquez and Jay Bruce will do this year? Check out my blog and leave comments if you would like.
The Manoman

due to the amount of competition for the spot I see the person that ends up winning the spot doing a great job…
this being said I would love for it to be Jonny Gomes, I read some stuff about him and his attitude towards the game.. and he is a guy the Reds fans would love!! If I’m not mistaken, isn’t Gomes the guy who, last year in Spring Training when the Rays and Yankees had their brawl, came running in from the outfield to be first on the scene sticking up for his second baseman that got taken out??

There was no reason to sign anyone to play there. You’re right, they aren’t going to be competitive this season. I would have liked to save the money and play Stubbs in center and give Dickerson a shot in left. Would have been a heck of a lot cheaper than CoPat v. 2.0 in center. And now with CoPat v. 3.0 (Jones), looks like the young guys like Dickerson and Stubbs (who wouldn’t be any worse than Willy T) are going to get less playing time than they should (or none in the case of Stubbs), so there goes the rebuilding year, too.
That being said, I hope Gomes wins the leftfield job and Dickerson wins centerfield (tough or impossible with someone like Dusty at the helm, I know.) Gomes has a lot of potential and is one of the few bright off-season moves. Best case scenario is that Jones doesn’t make the team, Stubbs hits .800 in spring and does make the team, and Willy T. decides to hang ’em up. Gomes, Stubbs, and Dickerson can share outfield duties. One can dream, right? Then again, if I’m dreaming, I’m gonna put Manny in left. Ha!

This franchise is bleeding fans. Hemorrhaging them, actually. We’ve seen the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again for the last nine seasons. No amount of spin can fool Reds fans this year, even the toothless ones who call into the radio shows.

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I think it has to be Dickerson vs. RHP and depending on how he does in spring I think Jonny Gomes could add some right handed pop to the lineup…especially in GABP. I love his attitude and also think he could be a fan favorite. I just hope he doesn’t repeat what he did last season. If Gomes can’t rebound from his struggles, it has got to be Hairston. I also like his attitude, he is just a ballplayer. If Jacque Jones or Darryl Ward start in LF I will lose all faith left in Dusty…and right now there isnt much there.

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