Blogging, finally.

You can’t arrive much later to a party than I have when it comes to baseball blogging. By the time I’ve gotten my blog going — the food is gone, the beer is flat and there’s toilet paper hanging from the tree. But at least I’m up and running and I hope you bookmark this page.

If you come here, you can expect — first and foremost — to get Reds breaking news and information. I will also try to post some of the fun stuff, quotes, etc. I come across in the clubhouse or press box that doesn’t always get into my stories.

As for comments — just be civil, please. If you’d be ashamed of yourself if your kids, spouse, parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, co-workers or neighbors heard you say it — don’t write it here. Thanks!



That’s one of the best intro’s to a blog I think I’ve read here in the blogosphere. Welcome to this community and if your blogs are as good as your intro it should be a fun read!

As it seems I’m your first Reds blog reader, WELCOME!


Welcome on the new format and good luck.

Please, have a close look on Harang. I still have not any idea what was what happened to him last year.
I don’t believe a good pitcher like him can become a bad pitcher from one day to the next day.

If he his to have his usual year, the Reds could be fun to follow but if not, it will be a big hole. Please, keep a close look on him and let us know your impressions on how he looks to you.

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